Alonzo Mourning hosts classical violinist at Overtown Youth Center


MIAMI – Retired NBA player Alonzo Mourning brought some musical flair to the Overtown Youth Center Thursday, bringing in some big names from the world of classical music to show off their abilities and inspire children at the center.

About 20 students from Booker T. Washington Senior High School and Jose De Diego Middle School were treated to the sounds of classical violist David Aaron Carpenter and his siblings, Sean and Lauren.

The trio also took some special requests from the students, playing popular pieces from Beethoven and Mozart.

Not only did the classically trained siblings show off their skills, they also provided advice and guidance to the students, telling them that discipline and hard work pay off.

“I think for a lot of young people, we always just stress the importance of an education and also just getting out there learning about new things and getting into hobbies that they’re going to take for the rest of their lives,” David Carpenter said.

Students told Local 10 News that they were inspired by the Carpenters’ performance.

“They actually made me want to play the violin,” Angela Clayton said.

“If you put work, effort and time in what you want to do, it will be accomplished. Anything is possible,” another student, Jamari Wright, said.

In light of the latest rash of gun violence plaguing teens in South Florida, Mourning, the founder of the youth center and former Heat star, said such mentoring sessions are more important than ever before.

“For the past 12 months, 100 kids have been shot — yes, it’s bad,” he said.

The Carpenter family will present a concert Thursday night. All proceeds will support the Overtown Youth Foundation.


South Florida non-profits give Thanksgiving meals to needy

MIAMI (WSVN) — It’s Thanksgiving, and South Florida is busy giving to those in need.

The morning kicked off with the Mourning Family Foundation surprising 10 needy families with a Thanksgiving meal, in Overtown. “For me, this is a big help. We didn’t have a turkey until now,” said Samantha Exavier. “Thank you. I appreciate this.”

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Overtown Youth Center Introduces STEM Summer Program

The Overtown Youth Center is introducing a new STEM curriculum to its summer program, aimed at underserved kids. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

Aerospace company AAR funded the $350,000 program.

In a recent study, The National Science Board found while diversity in the science and engineering fields has improved, African Americans, Hispanics and women remain underrepresented in the workforce.

Tina Brown, who runs the center, says that’s why they’re introducing this program to the kids this summer.

“We hope that they will get a better grasp of the concepts and want to pursue some of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics magnet programs in Miami-Dade County Public Schools or maybe even begin to look at career paths.”

Students in the program range from ages 8 through 18. Brown says they’ll participate in hands-on projects like building robots and rockets.


Overtown Youth Center and AAR CORP. launch STEM summer program

The count was on: 3, 2, 1 . . . and away the man-made bottle rockets created by students of the Overtown Youth Center (OYC) flew! A special ceremony was held on last Wednesday to recognize David Storch, CEO and Chairman of AAR’s $350,000 donation to support the Center’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program.

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AAR Pledges $350K to Miami Youth Center

The Overtown Youth Center hosted a special ceremony last week to recognize AAR and its chairman and CEO David P. Storch’s $350,000 donation to support the center’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) program.

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