Our MISSION is to inspire and empower youth and families by fostering hope through enrichment services.


Our VISION is to expose youth to numerous resources and opportunities that will aid in their educational and social development so they will ultimately become positive contributing citizens (PCCs). OYC defines PCCs as students who have entered into a post-secondary educational institution, vocational school, and/or obtained gainful employment, and are making a worthwhile impact in their local community.


Our main GOAL is to be an integral part of the community that promotes lifelong learning and success for our inner-city youth and citizens. We seek to help build children who are resilient that can live in an environment loaded with risk factors, yet still grow into competent and productive members of society.

Our Standards

The OYC Standards are founded upon the principles of integrity and respect.

…because integrity exemplifies truthfulness, modesty and trustworthiness.
…because respect exemplifies courtesy, honor and reverence.

At OYC We...

1. greet each other everyday with a smile and a handshake to strengthen the relationship between us.
2. honor and respect each other and so we address one another with proper language and speech.
3. value the space of ourselves, and others and are careful not to intrude or injure each other.
4. are mindful of what is true, and strive to be honest with word and deed.
5. treasure our rich culture and we hold the cultures of all people in high regard.
6. strive to reflect our beauty both inwardly in our understanding and outwardly in our appearance.
7. keep it real.

Our History


The Overtown Youth Center (OYC) was founded in 2003 by NBA Hall-of-Famer Alonzo Mourning and real estate developer Martin Z. Margulies in hopes of creating a safe haven for children living in Overtown. For over 13 years, OYC has been providing holistic programming to help youth avoid falling victim to poor education, poverty and crime. The center has graduated 100% of its high school seniors since inception and continues to send a majority of its students to college.


Programs and Initiatives