OYC programs are designed to engage children in educational and recreational activities that promote their physical, cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development. After-school services are provided both at our site and within our partner schools and are coordinated closely with in-school services. During the after school hours, students attend daily educational enrichment classes focused on homework assistance, skill building, FCAT preparation, and remediation. Students participate in daily recreational activities that include culturally diverse forms of physical exercise and creative arts. We also offer a range of preventive and character-building activities designed to empower children to identify and avoid negative influences and to pursue positive ones.

In School

OYC’s In-School Coordinators provide daily case management of and advocacy for OYC participants within their schools and within the community, tracking scholastic achievement, attendance, and behavior of the students. OYC coordinators build one-on-one relationships with students and develop Individual Success Plans for each student.

After School

The after school programming is broken into several periods. During the first period, students work on homework in a classroom setting with their In-School Coordinator and receive tutorial help as needed. During the second two periods, students elect activities from the options listed below. If a student is not performing at benchmark levels in math or reading or another basic academic skill, it is mandatory that s/he attends an enrichment class during the second period.


OYC’s summer program offers daily educational enrichment activities designed to maintain and/or increase student grade level and motivation, with the understanding that children’s scholastic levels often can decrease during the long vacation. In addition, we provide daily physical activities, creative arts, community service, character-building, and regular field trips to venues where children can be exposed to different types of environments and activities.