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Honoring the efforts of its community partners, Comcast has established a Gold Medal Recognition Program in which it is making more than $1 million in grants to dozens of non-profit partners in communities across the country that led the way in connecting families to home broadband through Internet Essentials. OYC is proud to be a partner for closing the digital divide by educating its community and promoting Internet Essentials so that all students and families have access. Through Comcast’s commitment to the community, Florida communities will be receiving three of those grants totaling $250,000 for non-profit partners in Miami Dade, Palm Beach and Collier counties.

Internet Essentials Program – Download Information

Ashoka of South Florida

Ashoka and OYC partners to achieve its world mission of finding and fostering the most powerful emergent ideas being led by the most effective social entrepreneurs and provides a pathway for all citizens to be changemakers. Ashoka envisions an Everyone A ChangemakerTM world. A world that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges, and where each individual has the freedom, confidence and societal support to address any social problem and drive change. OYC is proud to take part in Ashoka’s empathy movement which focuses on a community of individuals and institutions dedicated to building a world where every child masters empathy.

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center, Inc.

New Horizons Community Mental Health Center (NHCMHC) Family Safety Net First Responder Service Partnership , in Partnership with The Overtown Youth Center (OYC) will provide Care Coordination, parenting skill training (to prevent child maltreatment), peer-to-peer support (to prevent youth violence); partnering with organizations that will address other unmet community needs. Comprehensive services will focus of addressing community engagement/outreach activities, fatherhood initiatives and literacy. The primary emphasis is to provide Care Coordination using the Family Team Conferencing-FTC model. The Family Team Conference Model will be implemented to coordinate service targeting at-risk families to include child maltreatment, domestic violence exposure, disruptive/aggressive school behavior, truancy or chronically absenteeism from school, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, limited access to healthcare, families with absent or disengaged fathers, generational poverty, homelessness, poor educational outcomes and victims or crime and/or other types of traumatic incidents.

Florida International University | Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum

The Overtown Youth Center/ Florida International University/ Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum ArtREACH Express Arts & Culture Educational Outreach Program is a dynamic youth arts initiative that uniquely extracts key ingredients from the worlds of fine art, cultural studies and arts instruction. It then skillfully combines these elements in a way that allows our team of artists, art historians, and educators to serve up a tantalizing recipe for a one-of-a-kind educational experience that increases cross-cultural awareness, develops literacy skills, creates a life-long appreciation for the arts, and ultimately builds strong character and the ability to think creatively and independently within young people.

The ArtREACH Express team will prepare their gourmet array of virtual and hands-on creative educational lessons formatted in a sequential, program-based menu every other week, for a period of 10 months. What makes this project especially unique is that the ArtREACH Express team will travel out from behind the walls of the museum, the art studios and the university lecture halls and personally deliver this amazing portable buffet of hands-on art activities, cultural and historical studies, language arts lessons, and loads of fun directly to well deserving, at-risk youth residing in Overtown, one of Miami’s most historic, yet most economically disadvantaged communities.

Miami Dade Public Schools

OYC fostered a strong cooperative agreement with the Miami- Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) which enables the two agencies to collaboratively maximize the impact and delivery of educational services to youth. This agreement authorizes access to the records of students participating in the OYC program. These include attendance records, student progress reports, report cards, conduct grades and FCAT scores. OYC In- School Service Coordinators are also authorized to function within each of the partner schools and interact with school officials daily. This symbiotic relationship attempts to demonstrate that public schools and community- based organizations can work together to positively affect student’s success in school and in life.

Service Schools: Phyllis Wheatley, Paul E. Dunbar, Downtown Miami Charter, and Frederick R.Douglass Elementary schools, Jose de Diego Middle School, Theodore and Thelma Gibson Charter School, Booker T. Washington High School and our other affiliate schools. Thank you for opening your doors to OYC on a daily basis and allowing us to provide these comprehensive services within your schools.

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