Administration & Development

Tina Brown, Executive Director

Randy Escoffery, Finance Director

Nicole McMillan, Human Resource Manager

Clinique Smith, Program Manager

Yance Torres, Development Director

Isheka Harrison, Development Assistant

Administrative Coordinators

Jeanine Houston, Supervisor/Parent Coordinator

Monica Keys, Program Care Coordinator

Valarie Lomax, Parent Coordinator

Ferin Richardson, Community & Program Event Coordinator

Zelda Williams, Community/Client Relations Coordinator

Debra Byrd, Coordinator Assistant

In-School Coordinators

Keith Storr, Elementary Coordinator
Bob Wilcox, Elementary Coordinator
Malcolm Hannah, Elementary Coordinator
Farah Johnson, Elementary Coordinator

Shronda Seay, Middle School Coordinator
Antonio Marshall, Middle School Coordinator
Shaheed Flowers, Middle School Coordinator
Troy Williams, Middle School Coordinator
Tara Johnson, Middle School Coordinator

Richard Qualis, High School Coordinator
Robert Owusu, High School Coordinator
Mary Wallace, Post-High School Coordinator

Enrichment Staff

Vanya Allen, Artistic Director
Latasha Strawder, Dance Instructor
DeAndre Holton , Dance Instructor
Shante Whyte, Dance Instructor
Brandon Cope, Music Instructor
Christopher Camacho, Culinary Instructor
Terry Thomas Jr., Art Instructor
Errol Randolph, Recreation Coach
Erick Wilson, Recreation Coach
Tobias Robinson, Recreation Coach
Ronnie Dickens, Up2Us Coach
Willington Gray, Up2Us Coach

For more information, please contact us at (305) 349-1204.


Programs and Initiatives