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The Save Our Sons initiative was created to develop and enhance the lives of young men primarily in the Overtown community. It was established with an immediate emphasis to address low male achievement factors while linking these young men with role models who are able to help them in the process. The SOS Youth Summit provides these mentors and young males with an opportunity to build a bond grounded in support, success & achievement.


Basketball, Brunch & Hot Topics

The next event on the S.O.S. Calendar is Basketball, Brunch & Hot Topics. We will be offering brunch, conversations about important current events & basketball games for all male registered participants!

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S.O.S. | Basketball - Brunch - Hot Topics

Saturday, September 9th 2017 | MORE DETAILS COMING SOON!
  • This section is for students only. If you are mentor or volunteer, please choose (N/A)
    The first four options are for our middle and high school group. The fifth choice focuses on getting to know elementary students and helping them identify what they want to be when they grow up!

Past Sessions

Elementary School (2017)

Think Like a King

This workshop taught students basic techniques of chess while comparing elements of the game to everyday life.

To the Moon

This S.T.E.M. workshop allowed students to learn the basics of rocket science and also provided them with an example of an actual rocket launch!

Middle School (2017)

Fathership Sonship Class

This session highlighted the bond shared between young men and their fathers. The importance of this relationship was dissected and explained in a manner that makes it relevant to males of any age.


This session allowed students to compete in a robotics competition. Meanwhile, mentors bonded with mentees as they built metal trucks & bikes!

High School (2017)

This workshop, led by Shawn Blanchard, guided young men through deeper level thinking in preparation for a successful transition into manhood. Mentees were able to engage and learn about the many details of wearing suits!

Manners & Morals

Manners & Morals focuses on teaching the young men the importance of properly handling themselves both in their public and private lives.  Without a basic understanding of what it means to be a gentleman, how can we expect them to live up to those standards?

Art Expressions

Art Expressions focuses on building self esteem through positive imagery.  By allowing these young men to create art pieces that reflect what’s important to them, we are allowing them the opportunity to both express and learn more about themselves.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success was designed to teach these young men what it means to be presentable. By offering advice on how clothes are supposed to fit, be worn, and proper hygiene, this workshop helps educate them on what it means to dress like a gentleman.

Making the Right Choices

Scholarly Lane or Death Row

This workshop focuses on teaching our young men the value of education. Education is the key not only to success, but to freedom.

Me Myself & Mine

This workshop highlights the various uses of technology and how social media effects their everyday lives with the potential to effect their futures. Teaching them proper management of their personal brand is crucial for their success.

Knowing Your Role

This workshop focuses on teaching our young men what their role is in the family. Some of these young men carry a lot of responsibility. Mentors are expected to have a very meaningful conversation about what it means to be a young man of this community and how commitment to studies throughout his scholastic years can help alleviate other pressures they may be facing.

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