Parent Program

At-risk youth often come from at-risk households. Therefore, OYC offers a parent involvement program with family resource services such as counseling, parenting classes, energy assistance, housing programs and other useful trainings. This program is designed to improve parental effectiveness by providing a clear parenting philosophy and a set of skills and strategies that can be used immediately to address a variety of child-rearing challenges and problems. Overtown Youth Center makes a substantial effort to involve parents in the educational component of their children’s lives. Therefore, parents of the children that attend our program have to commit to attending school PTA Meetings, Parent Teacher Conferences, Volunteer when possible, and attend our monthly parent meetings and workshops. It is an obligation of the parents to ensure that their children attend OYC 4 days a week, 85% of the time.

For more information, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Valarie Lomax at (305) 349-1204 ext. 234 or

United Way EDEN Place

A parent resource center created to empower parents by providing motivational support, information and training so that they may successfully navigate the systems that impact their lives and the lives and the lives of their children. 




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