Post High School Program

OYC supports its students by monitoring their progress up to the age of 25. The post-high coordinator provides support to ensure OYC graduates are successful in college, on-the-job and in life overall. Post-high students are invited to return to OYC as speakers, mentors and instructors. They are provided with career exposure, job interview skills classes, mandatory resources (counseling, scholarships, clothing, shoes, etc. if necessary).

IE2 Experience

Inspire. Educate. Employ.

IE2 Experience is a series of workshops designed to provide young adults up to age 25 with technical assistance to help them transition into society. Below are several workshops that we offer through this program!

Job Readiness

This workshop provided participants with resume building tips, experience with mock interviews, appropriate attire for different professional occasions and tips for a successful transition into both college and the workforce.

Resume Building

This workshop helps young adults produce & edit their resumes in preparation for job different job opportunities that may arise. Understanding different resume formats and tailoring them to a specific job application is crucial to improving their chances of securing a position.

Financial Literacy

Managing finances can be an intimidating process. This workshop addresses that obstacle by discussing budgeting, setting up a savings plan and paying for college. 

FAFSA Workshop

Obtaining funds for college can be intense. This workshop helps college applicants understand and complete the FAFSA process. Students are offered comprehensive support in starting and finishing the FAFSA process.

College Tours


Examples of Success

We are very proud to have an impressive number of college students support us on college tours. It is our intent to engage current undergraduate and graduate students on these tours, allowing them to offer up advice and information on their experience so that high school students are able to witness recent examples of a Positive Contributing Citizen.

Strengthening the Network

Staying Connected

Service Projects 


Service projects are great ways to connect with others. We coordinate group volunteer opportunities for our post-high group so that they are able to remain involved and give back to the program that continues to support them!

Social Events

Post High Dinner

We frequently invite post-high school members to dinners, desserts and other social gatherings to nurture and strengthen their bond with each other. It is important that they keep in contact during this crucial phase in life and our job to remind them of it!


Programs and Initiatives